A welcome back to school display

This year we decided to go big with our welcome back display. We thought that a giant sun with shades would be really fun for our students. Instead of using butcher paper I decided to use cardboard supplied by a dear friend expecting a baby. She was super happy to get the boxes out of her garage and I was thrilled to have free giant pieces of cardboard.

I drew a big circle and filled it in with various shades of orange and yellow acrylic paint. It was so much fun swirling paint and layering on the color with crumpled paper towels. The sun was missing some “bling” so I used a feather duster and slapped on some orange glitter paint! That was incredibly messy and fun. I am sure if the custodian had come in he would have had a heart attack!

The start of the sun. Swirled it with yellow and added orange with crumpled paper towels.

Unfortunately, my good box cutter got legs over the summer and decided to disappear. All I had was this tiny 2 inch mini blade to cut through thick cardboard. Not fun kids… I really need locks on my drawers. My cutter will be coming home with me from now on!

Next I added sun rays and sunglasses. I decided to give him a smile to make him seem more friendly to the littlest patrons. The worst part of the whole ordeal was hanging the finished sun on the wall. We have a weird heating/cooling system and everything likes to pop off the walls when the temperatures change. I tried duct tape but the sun was on the floor the next morning. So I punched holes in the top of the sun and hung it from the ceiling with heavy duty fishing line. So far, my sun has stayed up for 4 weeks!

Our finished board!

Our finished board!


I added my swirly clouds that are super easy to make and a clever saying. The kids fill out surfboards with books that they read and liked over the summer. This is one of my favorite displays. The sun will be making more appearances in the future.