In a Galaxy Far Far Away… There was this prompt

I have a board in teen that I use for writing prompts. It is one of the more popular passive things that we do in the departments. With Star Wars being more exciting than Christmas this year (okay.. at least for me it is more exciting) I put up a prompt for an original story starting in a galaxy far far away.

Trust me when I say that I doubt LucasFilm will use this in a movie. It is however.. unique.. um funny? Not sure what words I should use to describe where the direction of the story went but at least they had fun until someone really crossed the line with one too many body humor jokes and poop drawings!


“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..

Everybody was dead.

Or so they thought!

But really they resided in one of 2 places.

The Dark Side and the Light Side.

The Dark: Hellbent destruction with world supremacy  (snakes)

The Light: Hellbent peace with world supremacy (bunnies)

The light resides in Hogwarts

The Dark resides in Dumbledoors Beard

*They finally invented cool ranch Doritos!!!

I farted and it smelled like eggs and enchiladas (complete with poo drawing..)\

“That is very unfortunate” cried C3PO “Let’s get back to the story while you go to the doctor. That sounds serious!”

At the Doctor he found out nothing was wrong he just ate too much..

Of a DEADLY bacteria found only in the grossest germ ridden places on whatever planet you find yourself to be on.

It is nasty there.. people on earth would not want to live there because of the smell.


Yep! I smell an Oscar! Or at least a need for the Teen Febreeze fairy to make a visit!


If you give the teens a Tardis…


They are going to take lots of selfies!

We now have a Tardis in the teen department. It was a personal purchase because well… I wanted one! I tend to do a lot of Doctor Who programming so having a Tardis in the department made sense. Plus, it allows for lots of hilarious moments like this. These two spent over an hour posing with it and laughing. We had a great conversation about Doctors, Companions, Villains, and Spoilers. It is becoming our department mascot!

What do you have in your department?

You never know

The baby boom has hit the library where I work. Lots of people are either expecting or have had an adorable bundle of human joy. I am happy for them and their new additions. However, this made me laugh out loud. I am going to have a hard time taking anyone seriously when they announce they are expecting. It is human? Is it a velociraptor?