Beat The Backlist 2018

One of the perks/pitfalls of being a librarian is the excessive amount of books one tends to aquire. I didn’t manage to complete my Goodreads challenge of 100 books for 2017.  (should I feel shame? nah) I blame it on moving and the fact that the majority of my personal collection being in boxes until October. So, this year I signed up for the Beat the Backlist challenge hosted by NovelKnight.  My goal is to read 75 books off my TBR shelves.  Here is part of my library:

It’s so organized and pretty!! I need to get a scanner from the Library Thing and properly catalog my collection. Till then I plan on keeping record of my books on Goodreads. You can follow my progress on Instagram (msval313) or my Goodreads page: Val Bogert

I am pretty excited about my team’s name:


Go team!!

I hope to be posting my book reviews on a regular basis now that we are settled in our new state. Best wishes for 2018 to all my readers! I hope you get lots of bookish gifts for the holidays!





  1. Melissa Villy

    This reminds, I need to write my post up for joining the challenge this year. I knocked four series and a bunch of graphics off my TBR list this year doing the challenge. But I didn’t finish all the books I originally put on it. But I still did pretty good I think.


  2. Chantal

    Hello fellow Story Sorcerer!! I’m looking forward to reading your reviews of your back list books 😉 Happy New Year and all the best in 2018!!


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