If you give the teens a Tardis…


They are going to take lots of selfies!

We now have a Tardis in the teen department. It was a personal purchase because well… I wanted one! I tend to do a lot of Doctor Who programming so having a Tardis in the department made sense. Plus, it allows for lots of hilarious moments like this. These two spent over an hour posing with it and laughing. We had a great conversation about Doctors, Companions, Villains, and Spoilers. It is becoming our department mascot!

What do you have in your department?


  1. ccplteenunderground

    Our teens have been loving our Tardis too! We made ours for a program last weekend, but it still gets a lot of attention.


  2. thejedilibrarian

    I just put up a poster with Ten’s fabulous quote about books on the end of the stacks. My teen room is rather small though, with only some seating, computers, and a gaming system, and next to zero wall space. There’s an Insurgent poster in there though.


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