Doctor Who Night -Take 2

Our Whovian teens are crazy about all things Wibbly Wobbly. If I plan it, they will come and it doesn’t have to be an all out party. In fact the last Who night, all we did was sit around and discuss our favorite monsters, watch clips from the Weeping Angel episodes, and eat way too much sugar! This summer I wanted to do a little bit more with our regular attendees and bring in some new kids into our growing fandom group. I had skimmed a few sites online and read a bunch of blogs to get ideas. The one that I liked the most involved making t-shirts. This one will cost you a bit more so plan about $40-60 depending on the numbers you allow in. You can do this a bit cheaper if you already have t-shirt paint on hand. That is the supply that cost the most. As always feel free to use any ideas that I have listed!

Doctor Who Night – Take 2


The plan for the night was to make t-shirts, do a few crafty activities, and enjoy some themed snacks. I asked in our advertisement for the kids to provide their own t-shirts for decoration. This cut down on my cost since all I had to provide was paint and snacks. I also took registration for this event because of the supplies that I would need. We ended up with 19 teens which was a good number. I thankfully had one of my wonderful volunteers on hand to help with the painting process. I will apologize for the lack of photos. It was enough to just get the kids sorted out and started on their t-shirts. Photos were not really an option. I realize that photo instructions would have helped explain the process so please check out the following link for more details. I am just going to give you a brief idea of what we did.

For our t-shirts I used this idea: Freezer Paper T-Shirts  I tweaked it for our purposes and only printed out a few designs for the teens to choose from. I used a heart, K-9, a simple Tardis design, and the Doctor Who symbol. We do not have a fancy machine cutter so they cut everything out by hand. NO EXACTO KNIVES!! For obvious reasons. Just go online and do an image search for Doctor Who silhouettes and you will find a nice selection.

Other Supplies: I have added links

  • Fabric Spray paint– This is similar to what I found at Walmart. Our Walmart had some spray that was for Sports T-shirts and was $4.98 – $6.98 a bottle. I got two cans of Black and Two cans of blue.
  • Fabric Paint- We had some left over from previous programs and I put out red, white and black. These are the brush on kind like the tutorial above.
  • Paint Brushes- Use soft bristled brushes. It makes the paint go on a bit easier.
  • Freezer paper– make sure you get the kind with the plastic coated kind
  • Iron
  • Cardboard that will fit in between the shirt layers
  • Plastic Drop cloths or something similar

Make sure to cover your tables so there is not over spray from the painting process. Have the kids choose a design or two and decide how where they want it on the shirt. Next, they will need to trace it on to the freezer paper before they do anything else. Then they need to decide how it should look. Do they want the painted part to look like this like the Tardis at the top:



If so, they need to trace the design on to the middle of the freezer paper and cut it out. Then you will iron the freezer paper on to the t shirt with the center Tardis part cut out. Then they can paint it. Or you can do the easy route.

Here is what I recommend. Have them cut one of the designs from the freezer paper and iron what they cut out on to the t-shirt. It will save you lots of time and trust me lots of explaining! Then they will just spray over it with the fabric spray paint. Let dry for a few mins and peel off. So easy!!! Make sure you have printed instructions for washing the shirts. I sent the kids home with printed instructions for all the paint varieties that we used. Most require 72 hours of dry time before you can wear them or wash them.

IMG_4673 IMG_4678 IMG_4679

See how well they turned out?!!! Super cute. The spray is easy to use and dries just enough during the program for the kids to see how it turns out. One girl didn’t want to use the spray paint and found a fabric marker to use. Here is her design:


This design was the group favorite. The young lady who did it wanted a vortex like look.



For the kids that got finished early we had pin the Bow Tie on the Doctor:


Lastly, I went online and printed off some word searches, Mad Libs, and bookmarks. You can find my links below.

What worked: 

I highly recommend printing out some templates before the program. I only had 6 choices for the teens and it helped cut down on time. The fabric spray also worked really well when lightly sprayed over the ironed on design. The most invaluable thing was having a large plastic drop cloth over everything. It made clean up a breeze. I also had pre-cut cardboard that would fit under each design.

One thing I used for the snack table was this sign: Silence Snacks  It was hilarious and got the message across. I printed a bunch of random Whovian memes and hung them up all over the room. I also had a large cardboard Tardis standee that lives in the teen department on display for selfies.

What I would do differently: 

I would have only let them do one option with the freezer paper. It was really confusing to explain how to cut it out and paint inside the design. Even with an example a few kids just did not get it. Also, some of the spray paint cans worked really well and one did not. It kinda did a globby thing and sprayed out in clumps. Do a quick check spray before letting the kids try it.

I also think that I will do 12 and up for my next program. I had some little brothers sneaking in during the program and it made things very tricky to make sure they did not grab paint or irons. This is an ongoing challenge that we face in our library. Our resolution is to have a separate program for the little kids and families. We are also going to have an adults only program this winter. We hope that having multiple programs will give options to all of our patrons and they won’t feel left out of the fun.

Things you can use:

Here are some activity links that I used for print outs:

BBC Links

Coloring book/Activities

Party Printables


Final thoughts: 

This was a fun program. I plan to do it again since I have lots of paint left over. I also plan to do something similar with adults and kids. Just maybe not t-shirts! Another idea you can do is have a trivia night and a costume contest for adult. For the littles maybe do a special storytime and break out the parachute for a bit of Tardis tossing!

As always feel free to steal and message if you have questions. If you have a Doctor Who program you have blogged about send me the link!




  1. thejedilibrarian

    Awesome! I started a Whovian club this fall. We are going to watch our way through the reboot, and if it goes well we will do crafts. Our next night is this week.


    • MsVal313

      Good luck!! It is a lot of fun. I could have Who night once a month with our kids and have a great turnout.


      • thejedilibrarian

        So far, we’ve had about 7-9 each time. That’s good for us. Hopefully, it will just get bigger.


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