Spelled- By Betsy Schow (book review)

SpelledSpelled by Betsy Schow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ever wonder what would happen if Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz decided to destroy the world? Well hold on to your ruby studded high heels because Dorthea does it in the first chapter of this pun filled take on the story that you thought you knew.

Dorthea is a spoiled, selfish, egotistical, whiny, snarky, demanding, self-centered, brat. She has always had everything she ever wanted with one flick of her freshly manicured hand. Well not everything… While she can roam the halls of the Emerald palace she can never step outside because of a curse on her family. Talk about unfair!

So when a hex destroys the only world she knows and her parents disappears.. she rises up and becomes the Princess that the whole world needs.

Yeah.. that would be a no.

Enlisting the help of a too icky (in her opinion) to marry prince and a kleptomaniac kitchen servant, Dorthea will have to put on her big girl panties and fix everything she destroyed all while wearing ruby studded high heels.

What I liked:

The author does a fab job of making me loathe Dorthea and growing her enough to make me want to like her in the end. While she never becomes this amazing person she does grow in a realistic fashion that makes sense for her character. Kudos to the author for getting it right.

The story is fast paced and the characters meet lots of familiar faces along the way. This will appeal to serious fantasy fans who love fairytale stories because we pretty much see all of them. Even Frozen.. Not even kidding.

It is loaded with puns, snark, and general bad jokes will either make you roll your eyes or laugh out loud. I also liked the opening quotes at the beginning of each chapter. It has lots of funny moments.

What was a miss:

There are SO many puns. Almost too many. After a while I really wanted them to stop so I could just get on with the story. However, the age range that this book is geared for will likely love them all. If you are not a pun lover.. you have been warned.

The last half of the story gets a bit muddled. I followed the first half with ease and then once they get back to Hydra’s shack things kinda fall apart. There were lots of things happening and not a lot of time for the reader to process them. I am still a bit confused about the rainbow thing and I’m not 100% sure what happened at the shack. It took a bit of re-reading to get where the author was headed. I still feel like I missed something. I hear there will be a second so maybe it will be sorted out in the next book.

Recommended readers:

I can see fans of fairytales who like cheesy humor and lots of action enjoying this book. It is a clever take on the Wizard of Oz and will appeal to a wide audience.

**Thank you Sourcebooks for the galley copy to review.

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