Meet our Little Free Library #9078

It’s official, we now have a lovely Little Free Library in our front yard! What is a “Little Free Library” you ask? It is a small box or similar structure that houses books. The idea is to take a book and return a book for neighbors to enjoy. Want to know more? Check out the video from the official website.

As a Librarian, it seemed logical to put one in our yard. We were adopted by a local girl-scout troop who built, painted, and installed the library in our neighborhood. I told them to go nuts on the colors and it is really adorable. The troop leader’s husband built the library and the girls added the paint. It even has shingles and weather stripping!


Here is the front of our library. The number is #9078. It has a custom latch and cute little door knob!


The girls added a mini chalkboard on each side so I can leave messages.


The back is just as cute as the front!


Inside the library visitors will find an assortment of books. We have been hit pretty hard in the past few weeks are running low! It’s a good problem to have!


I added a notebook and pen for people to leave us messages. I also added a cup of bookmarks. The messages have been very encouraging. One person wrote: (cue tears)

Thank you so very much. It’s people like you who make a difference. I’m still young. The only reason I can read is because of people like you.” 

We have had an absolute blast having this in our yard. It has helped us get to know our neighbors a lot better and we have loved seeing all the visitors. This year we are on a city wide scavenger hunt for a Passport to health living program and our visits have almost doubled in the past few weeks.

If you are looking for something fun to do in your neighborhood I highly suggest adding a Little free library. It is a great way to share the love of reading to those around you! For more information click on the link below and check out the libraries in your city!






  1. Jeyna Grace

    That is such a great idea!


  2. Julie b

    I💜 this, Congratulations on your baby(library). I have seen that people/families plan walks with Little Free Libraries as a destination, sometimes visiting several in one trip.


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