The Poet-Tree – Passive program

April is National Poetry month and every year we do something special in the library. My coworkers in children’s had random acts of poetry and a poetry garden. The littles wrote poems on die flowers and we hung the up around the department. For teen I decided to use the Poet-tree idea that is often seen on Pinterest.


I had one of our talented teens draw a gorgeous tree on butcher paper. We cut out leaves and put them in a basket with some pens and a glue stick. They could write a poem and glue it to the tree.  We ended up with lots of wonderful poetry. Some dark and twisty and a few that were downright hilarious. We even had a poem that asked someone to prom! I only had to remove one poem for language and an inappropriate drawing. Not bad for being up an entire month.



Some of my favorite poems from the board:

Cheese Fries.. Far more superior to guys

The Leaf: A Haiku
Green Leaf falling down
Darn you leaf! You’re in my tea!
I’m going back inside
Misty Winter
At night when the lone wolf howls
the dead come to life..
So deep are his howls
So beautiful
and yet filled with such sorrow
Going to school
No no no no no
no no no no
no no no
no no
raindrops glisten on
a leaf birthed in a young spring
that yearns for the sun
The Country:
The country is a place that fills me with joy
It’s where a man can play like a boy
who knows how to use them powerful big toys
So to me: Hey it’s better than Illinois
I am a living flame
untamed, unpredicatable
Doomed to fade away but..
clinging to to promise
of short, yet magnificent light
And finally.. (I really hope they said yes)
You know what’s technologically irrelevant?
You know what’s not?
You, with me at Prom!
What did you do for Poetry month?

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