Fandoms Unite: Sherlock

We have a monthly fandom program at our branch called Fandoms Unite. Each month I feature a different fandom and plan a mini celebration. This month happens to be my favorite fandom: Sherlock. Whether you are a die hard BBC fan, a traditional only please, the TV series, or the movies with Robert Downing Jr.. Sherlock has major appeal.

I had hoped that this event would have lots of teens. Sadly I only had two. But they are my two favorite Teen Council members so it worked out. I blame the limited attendance on the fact that it was the first day back from Spring break. The teens were likely stressing over new homework assignments and final quarter testing. However, it is an event that I will repeat this fall because I had a blast creating it and the girls said it was fun. (score)

I went for the BBC version of Sherlock because that is what is popular with the teens in my area. I was only able to show the Movie version to the teens due to licensing. We ended up skipping it and crafting like crazy. Here is what I planned: (most of this was requested by the teen council)



A Murder Mystery Scavenger hunt– I found some awesome Benedict Cumberbatch bookmarks on Pinterest and used them as Cumber-clues!

  • Rules: The teen librarian has been murdered. Answer the questions below to help you figure out the murderer. Beware, they are working in the building tonight! Once you figure it out, go to the “murderer” for your prize.
  • Questions: There were 11 questions that led them to different places in the library. Once they answered the question they would find their Cumber-clue about the murderer. The last question listed something that the murderer was wearing.
  • Reaction: The girls said it was both fun and a tiny bit harder than they expected. I did have to give them some help on a few questions. Next time I will add a few hints to help with the search or allow them to ask the librarians at the reference desk.

Here is a link to my scavenger hunt. It also has a few other items from Pinterest.

Sherlock Scavenger hunt


Pin the Mustache on John– This was requested by one of the teens that came. She was very excited to play!


Sherlock crafts–  We made lots of lotus blossoms for the “Sign of three” episode. I had extra Cumber-clues that they could have as bookmarks and we also made paper skulls. The favorite was making 221B keys. I had some metal stamping tools and old keys. This only happened because I had the metal stamps in my personal craft stash. Otherwise it would be a very expensive craft. The stamps are about $15 for the whole set at the craft store after a 40% off coupon. IMG_3029

The lotus blossoms from the show are nearly impossible to make. I found a version in this book that was actually doable.


Decorations– I found lots of art online and some Sherlock memes on Pinterest. My favorite is the “It’s dangerous to Holmes alone, take a Watson with you.” That got some squees from the teens and the staff!

Snacks– I went with cookies and “Moriar-tea.” Cheap and easy! I also added fruit roll ups for “Sherlock blankets.”

While it didn’t have a huge turn out, we still had a lot of fun. I am hoping that Star Trek and the promise of Tribbles will boost attendance for next month. Anyone else do regular Geek/Fandom programming?







  1. thejedilibrarian

    As I said on Twitter, this is awesome! I love the idea of a fandom party that changes monthly. Teen programs are hit and miss at my library. And with the teen room now open, they just want to play on the computers and the Xbox one.


  2. Gretchen Yonata

    Hello, could you send me a copy of how you did your scavenger hunt! This is an awesome idea!! Thanks so much for posting!


    • MsVal313

      I would be happy to send you a copy! Look for it in your email!


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