Passive Programming: Library love


Every February we put out some construction paper hearts and prompt the teens to write about why they love the library. The answers range from undying love for free wifi and books, to having a safe place to study and hang out. This year we got a nice note from a teen that said “The staff here is so nice! This is my home away from home!” The comments really tend to get you right in the feels.

If you have not done a program like this you are missing out. It is a great way to see what the teens like about your library. I also take the hearts and hang them in the staff room so everyone can share in the the library love. It is a stealthy way to show why having a teen area is so important. Plus, it’s cheap and takes 5 mins to set up.



I am working on a few new posts about some of the regular programming that we do at our library. I know lately it seems like all I do is post passive ideas. I swear I actually work with teens and do things other than just writing prompts! Stay tuned for some Fandom ideas and a Lego outreach program coming soon.


  1. xxsquigglesxx

    I’m currently applying for some library jobs and have had a few interviews, so I’m really enjoying reading these passive posts you’ve been doing.


    • MsVal313

      Good luck on the interviews! I hope that you hear something soon. The waiting is always the worst.


  2. Sandy

    I work as a page and the childrens’ librarians did something similar. It was adorable and very festive for February 🙂


    • MsVal313

      I love reading the responses. They always make me smile and realize that we are making a difference.


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