Geeky Feels- A Passive Program

I have lots of geeky teens that come to our branch. My Doctor Who nights are well attended and I always see them wearing some kind of fandom item while browsing the shelves. I found the idea for a Geeky Feels board on Pinterest. The first time I tried it I had it hanging on my office door. It stayed up for over a month and no one touched it. I think because it was on a door instead of out in the department killed the fun factor. It was too close to an official space (my office) and it was not out for everyone to see. Two things that keep teens from thinking something is cool.

I was given a nice whiteboard from Delacort Press promoting the book “We were liars.” The teens would write lies on the board and I would send pictures to the publisher. It was really popular and when I took it down I actually had teens complain! So I turned it into a resolution board. (See last post) That one was pretty popular until someone decided to be a jerk and write really nasty responses to peoples resolutions. Yay…  It was quickly retired.

I now have a new white board and here is the idea:


I wish I could give credit for this idea but there is nothing out there. If you know the person or library that came up with this let me know! It’s a great idea.

The idea is to celebrate all things geeky using fun images and post-its. Instead of requiring the teens to come up with their own images I supplied a basket of random pictures for them to use. This way they don’t have to print things at the library and pay for them.  Here is my design:



Inside the basket:

  1. Post-its
  2. A glue stick
  3. A pencil and a pen.. NO SHARPIES
  4. Bunches of geeky pictures

I added the first picture for bait. Since then I have had a few teens add notes to that picture and grab a few of their own. Some are quite funny and some are borderline. I plan to leave it up for a few more weeks and see if it takes off. Again.. passive programming is like fishing. You have to toss in the line and wait. ** This ended up being a super popular board as you can see. By the time I took it down the whole thing was covered in pictures and post-its!

IMG_2907 IMG_2908 IMG_2918




Passive programming is fun and challenging. I never know what they will like and what will bomb. I tend to have a mix of goofy and super serious with a bit of creative snark sprinkled in. Which is why I love them!




  1. brandinb

    HI! I love this idea! I am starting my career as a high school librarian in August and I am looking for ways to involve teens in passive programming. Would you be willing to share the poster you made for this display?


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