Passive winter themed programs

During the winter the YA department is full of teens working on homework or hanging out with friends. I try to leave out games and passive activities that they can enjoy alone or in a group. I never know what they will like so I am always rotating activities. The two that surprised me were: Making snowflakes and New Year’s Resolutions. I had a weaving project that bombed and puzzles that were ignored.

For the snowflake activity I made a very simple sign with directions on how to fold the paper. I cut some plain white paper into squares and put them in a basket with some scissors. A total easy no-brainer activity that requires very little prep.



I found snowflake folding instructions on Pinterest. Very cheesy wording!




The results- A lovely wall of beautiful snowflakes! I let them hang their creations wherever they wanted in the department.

The Resolution Board is a simple whiteboard with markers. I printed out the year and decorated the bottom with snowflake wrapping paper. Trust me, it looks better in person! I have enjoyed reading what they write.


Here are their resolutions:

  • Pass the MCAT twice
  • Get into Wash U
  • Make it to Mordor… Dump ring! (my favorite!)
  • Don’t be an idiot unless absolutely needed
  • Get accepted into Hogwarts (me too!)
  • Survive the games 3 times. Get happier..
  • Marry Adam Levine (sorry.. he is taken!)

Have you had any passive ideas that surprised you? Some that bombed?




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