Resolve to Rock in 2015

Storytime Underground has encouraged everyone in Youth services to set professional goals for 2015. I admit I am terrible at keeping New Years resolutions. However, I really want to grow personally and professionally this year as a Teen Librarian. By renaming them as “goals” instead of the often dreaded “resolutions” I hope I can check all of these off my list in January 2016.

1. Build up Teen program attendance– Right now I have a core group of 5-6 teens that come to my programs. I would like to see this grow to over a dozen regularly attending teens. Their time is stretched already by school life and social commitments that I really have to create awesome programs. Our library is not near any of the schools so teens have to be able to drive or get a ride. This year I plan to advertise our programming at the local schools and on social media to get the word out. We are also adding a white board in the department that I can use for quick reminders. I want us to become a safe and fun place to hang out!

2. Present at our State conference– Since fandoms and all things geeky are a big hit at the moment, I would love to present ways to incorporate this into everyday library programming. While librarians are generally super geeky people to begin with, not all of us like the same fandoms. So how do you plan a program for something you have never watched or even like? (for me that would be Anime/Manga) It is a topic I want to explore with my peers.

3. Run a successful LibraryCon- In July we will have our first library con and I am already anxious about getting it right. There are so many things to plan: Parking, who to invite, space issues, family friendly activities, promotional materials, making sure people wear appropriate costumes… etc! It is going to be so much fun as long as everything falls into place!

4. Read more- I am really bad about reading just the things I like and getting stuck in one or two genres. This does not bode well for readers advisory. I want to develop solid lists of books I can recommend to teen patrons and to parents who come in looking for something to read. I also want to read out of my comfort zone!

5. Professional development-  My goal is to take teen-centric classes to help with all things programming, administrative, and advisory. When you stop learning you become stagnant and I want to be on top trends and new ideas.

6. Have courage- It is very hard at times to deal with issues regarding patrons. I find myself dragging my heels when it comes to dealing with conflict. I want to develop solid phrases and resolutions to help with even the toughest issues. Thankfully I have a wonderful boss and a fab Branch manager who are incredibly supportive. They have my back!

What are your goals for 2015? I would love to hear them and if you blog about them send me a link in the comments below.

Here’s to a wonderful and productive 2015!!

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  1. thejedilibrarian

    I have about that for teens to, although their attendance has dropped off during the school year since a lot of my older teens are in AP classes and/or sports. I just opened my Teen Center (Yeah!), so that should bring them back. However, I am smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood, literally. The bus stop for middle and high is right outside our door, as is the public bus stop. We do advertise on social media, in fact I’m part of our systems social media team, and it does help some.

    We have an AnimeCon already, it is at our biggest branch and I helped with it last year.

    I need to read more too!

    Attending one professional development an evaluation period is part of my goals already, I did the Florida Library Youth Program’s summer reading workshop back in November (have you seen the artwork? It’s horrid! Based on some Platypus Detectives book series that I couldn’t even get past the first chapter on) and have a webinar on graphic novels I plan to do.

    We have more crazy patrons than difficult ones. Then again, Slate has my county listed as the weirdest place to live in Florida, and I’m not the least bit surprised! But sometimes they are hard to deal with just because of their craziness.

    Great goals all around!


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