Fairy Tale Matchmaker – ARC Giveaway

The last few months have been crazy busy and I have neglected this blog for way too long. So, to get things going again I thought I would post a review and give away my ARC copy of the book. E.D. Baker is one of my favorite middle grade, fantasy writers. Her books are clever and feature strong female characters that lots of girls and boys can relate to. She is one of my go-to authors when recommending books for tweens in the library. Her newest series is a clever take on the fairy-tales we all know and love.


Cory hates being a Tooth fairy. The hours are horrible, the human world is dangerous, and the pay is a joke. After one last attempt to collect teeth and being chased by a pack of dogs, she quits. She tries other jobs including babysitting Humpty Dumpty and ridding her friends house of giant spiders. None of these jobs seem quite right. As she tries to find her true purpose in life she discovers that quitting the Tooth Fairy Guild is not as easy as it seems. They will try anything to get her back including fairynapping!

E.D. Baker is back with a new middle grade series set in the vast fairy tale world. The characters are familiar but the story has a few twists and turns that will keep readers turning the pages.

Cory the Tooth Fairy and her pet groundhog Nibbles are likable characters and have some pretty fun adventures as she finds out what her gifts really are. The story tends to drag in a few places and there is not as much action and adventure as I would have expected. It’s a cute concept and I think diehard Baker fans will enjoy this new series.

My only big issue was the ending. It wraps up really quick and ends in a really awkward way. There is no cliffhanger and I was left wanting more but not exactly sure what “more” would be. Since it is a series and this was an ARC copy I am hoping that there might be a few changes or at least an expectation of what the next book in the series might be.

I would suggest this title to tween readers who are fans of authors like Jessica Day George, Shannon Hale, and Anne Barrows. It is a cute book and one that has lots of promise.


Want your own copy? Post a comment below and I will choose a winner. This book has already been published. The copy I am giving away is an ARC copy that I received at the ALA Convention this year.


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