A Bookish Countdown Survey

I am doing this electronic swap on Swap-Bot and thought it would be fun to post a bookish survey here. It is also a reminder of all the books I have yet to read! These are in no particular order and it was really hard to choose my favorite covers.

 10 Books Already Released That Are On My Wishlist

9 Favorite Covers

8 Not-Yet-Released Books That I Can’t Wait For

7 Auto-Buy Authors

Good or bad, I always buy books from the following authors:

Jessica Day Lewis

Shannon Hale

John Flanagan

E.D. Baker

Karen Traviss

Juliet Marillier

Gail Carson Levine

6 Book Boyfriends (and/or girlfriends)

Okay, they are more like characters I really really love. They have struck a chord and they are my favorite not real people.

Aragorn- Lord of the Rings

Gandalf- Lord of the Rings

Miri- Princess Academy

Anne Elliot- Persuasion

Hermione Granger- Harry Potter

Will Treaty- Ranger’s Apprentice

5 Books I Recommend The Most

Since I work with kids and teens these are the books that I recommend nearly every week.

4 Books I Thought I’d Like But Didn’t

3 Books That Made Me Cry

2 Books I Never Plan On Reading

1 Favorite Genre At The Moment


  1. Kim

    Awesome countdown!


  2. thejedilibrarian

    I just got Conversion in. I have it in my New Book display.

    I want to read Steelheart too.

    Navigating Early is so good!

    Just read Cinder and loved it! Review is in the works.

    I need to read Princess Academy.

    I love Steampunk too! I’m actually part of the local Steampunk subculture in my area. I have several costumes, and even wore one for my Steampunk program. You should read Cherrie Priest’s Clockwork Century books if you haven’t. The first one, Boneshaker, was one of YALSA’s best adult books for teens picks in 2011.


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