Photos of the day: Research

School is back in session. That means lots of kids are going to be hitting the books. I recommend utilizing your library as much as possible and asking your friendly library staff for help. Not that I am biased or anything like that!

Doing this can lead to this without the help of a Librarian:

It’s my job to help you find the right article and database for you needs. I actually like that part of my job!

We don’t bite! I promise. Unless it’s a full moon and then all bets are off! Seriously, I really like helping people find the right book or article for their research. I also love helping patrons learn how to use the databases.

Lots of Libraries offer this service as well as many other options to get the help that you need. We have an ask  a librarian chat set up that is monitored during open hours.

Finally, if you are doing a major project and are stuck be sure to do this:


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  1. directorb

    Love my local library, sad that so many are neglecting reading these days.


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