Stan Lee at ALA 2014- Video

Stan Lee is pretty dang entertaining. Put him in a room full of librarians and he becomes epic. I was over the moon when I found out that he would be one of the key speakers at the 2014 ALA annual conference. The lines to get into the auditorium were huge. I was afraid that I would be stuck in the overflow rooms. However, a bunch of people got turned away at the door because only those who had purchased full conference tickets were allowed in. Not gonna lie a bunch of us cheered when one group came by the line complaining about not getting in. This is a conference for librarians and those related to the field. Not just any Joe Shmoe that walks in off the street or is only there for the free books. (yeah.. that is another story for another day)

I ended up getting a seat 4 rows back and proceeded to geek out silently to myself and take lots of pictures. Here is a video from ALA that is pretty awesome.

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