Batman at the Library

Last week marked the 75th anniversary of our favorite caped crusader Batman! We were not planning anything special for our library until we started getting lots of random phone calls. The mystery calls were in regards to a program that we apparently were having on Saturday. Imagine our surprise when after a bit of research, we found out that DC comics had posted the event on their website. It turns out that when our Youth Services manager had requested a Batman promo box from Random House and DC, she had unknowingly signed us up for a program. We found this out the Wednesday before the program, which left us 3 days to quickly put together a program.


Batman checks out the latest graphic novel

Thankfully I work with an amazing group and through teamwork and bouts of crazy brainstorming (maybe a tad bit of panic), we came up with a killer program. Our manager also managed to find a wonderful gentleman that dresses as Batman for events and outreach at local hospitals. He agreed to come for an hour to surprise our little fans and pose for photo ops. Our event brought in over 100 people in just a few hours. It was pretty awesome! Go like his page at: Springfield Batman

This was our program layout:

For adults and teens we had a panel lead by Andy Thompson (YS managers Mister)  and Larry Litle (Creator of the GeekyKool website). They discussed the movies, books, and shows that have made the dark knight a fixture in modern geek culture. The Comic Cave  here in town provided cool posters for giveaways. Thank you!!

For kids we had a room full of games, freebies, and shows to watch. I echo my supervisor when I say I wish we had gotten a bigger room!! It was pretty packed! Here are our games and ideas: (If you are interested in a copy of the Riddle and Villain scavenger hunts please comment and I will be happy to share)


The Riddler Strikes again: With the help of several riddle savvy staff I made a list of 6 clues and hid them around the library. The kids would read the clue, search for green paper squares with big black question marks all over the library, and then bring it all back for a prize.

Villain Scavenger Hunt: This was lots of fun to put together. With the help of Esther in the Youth Services office and my wordsmith Hubby, we created a pretty challenging scavenger hunt. I printed off pictures of villains and hung them up all over the library. It was also a ploy to show people some of the things that they might not visit. Fun and educational!

Easy Villain word puzzle:  This was for the little guys. I put two clip art clues that made up the name of a villain. For example: a bottle of poison and an ivy plant = Poison Ivy

Villain Shooting gallery: This was reused from the Star Wars program. We stacked up giant foam blocks and taped villains to them. Then the kids lined up to shoot them with Nerf guns. This was very popular!


Toss the Batarangs: We used our die-cut machine to make some cardboard bats and then painted them black. The kids tossed them into black and boxes that had the joker inside. This one was okay… most of the batarangs disappeared early on and there really wasn’t enough room for kids to play.


Crafts and word games: We also had a variety of batman crafts for kids to try that we found on the web. We also had a few more word puzzles and whatnot to keep everyone entertained.


Giveaways– Random House provided a box with buttons, posters, bat-masks, bags, and bookmarks for giveaways. The Comic Cave provided extra posters, buttons, and a few action figures for additional prizes.

All in all, it was a well attended program. We had lots of really happy kids and excited parents. Next year we will be moving this to a bigger room! The pictures below show some of the excitement from the day. If you have not had a performer or costumer at your library I highly recommend it. They are a huge draw and everyone that we have had attend have been wonderful with our patrons. Springfield Batman went above the call of duty and made lots of little kids super happy!

10579009_10154375117985468_561091410_n 10585596_10154375119190468_1995705564_n

Now you know what Batman reads!


I got to dress as Batgirl. Excuse the slightly frazzled look!


Batman rides the turtle!


  1. thejedilibrarian

    Awesome! You guys did a great job on such short notice. I really want to do Star Wars Reads Day, I need to discuss it with my manager and youth assistant.


    • MsVal313

      You totally should!! Show her some pictures of how fun it can be.


  2. BG

    I love this so much.


  3. Mary

    Fun program. Would love the scavenger hunts! Thanks, Mary


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