ALA Conference 2014-Part 1

Last week I spent 5 days in Las Vegas for the annual American Library Association conference. My supervisor had given me her space this year so that I could experience my first conference. She is a wonderful supervisor and I am so glad I got to go.  I spent a few weeks selecting sessions, planning publisher visits, and sorting which dinners and lunches to attend. I also spent a fair amount of time freaking out about the plane ride and travelling alone for the 1st time in about 12 years.

Truth #1- I hate flying… and then I get over it.

I almost have to drug myself to get on that stupid metal tube with wings. I am that person you don’t want to sit next to when the plane is taking off. I look like that guy only in the cheap seats. Once we get in the air I am relatively okay until I hear the word turbulence. On the way to Vegas the flight to Denver was like riding a bucking bronco. The same went for the leg from Denver to Vegas. Thank the heavens I chose not to eat or drink anything on the flight.

Truth #2- Do not get a shuttle from the airport to your hotel. 

I was attempting to be cheap when I got to Vegas and opted for an $8 shuttle ride to my hotel instead of paying for a cab. DON”T DO THIS! A cab ride is around $15 before a tip and gets you there in 10-15 mins. My shuttle took almost 2 hours with the waiting and dropping everyone else off. It is worth the cab fare after a long flight.

Truth #3- Vegas is hot, even at night. Drink water constantly!

Yeah, and so is the surface of the sun.. I got really tired of hearing that phrase. I live in a very humid environment and sometimes summer is unbearable. However, after an hour in 108 degree temps I would rather have the humidity than feel like a walking mummy.

Truth #4- Vegas is huge, glittery, noisy, and you will get sensory overload! There are also lots of Minions..

The lights at night are really cool. I did enjoy the view from my hotel of the strip. After a few days it was a bit overwhelming for this library lady introvert. It takes a while to get places because of the size and the traffic. I did not plan for this and ended up missing a few of the sessions I wanted to attend. That being said, there was plenty to laugh about including a Minion per block. Not sure why there were so many Minions but they seemed to be having a pretty good time day or night. Especially in front of the Bellagio where there were two minions, 5 show girls, and a guy holding a sign about Jesus. Only in Vegas!

Truth #5- Elvis is all over the city… literally… all… over..

I saw more Elvis impersonators than Minions. There was even a mini Elvis. The lady in the picture with him was super excited and I thought she might grab him and shove him in her purse to take home. Yeah.. no..

He even made an appearance at the conference. This is me and my branch manager with tall Elvis who said – “I’m get to be the filling of a very literary sandwich”… har har…


Stay tuned for more conference tidbits and photos with authors!




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