Summer as a Librarian

While the world is out kicking up their heels this summer Librarians are holding down the summer reading fort. To my fellow public librarians.. especially those in the Youth Services world.. just 10 ish more weeks left till school starts. Till then enjoy some memes.



The summer of back to back storytimes.


You should see my pile of ARCS. It’s depressing.. Not enough time in one day to read them all.


This is competitive sport in our library. We have flip cards with goodies from vendors around our city. Kids can get ice cream, chicken nuggets, bowling, books, cookies, cupcakes, etc… all free!!! If we ever did away with this prize the masses would stage a revolt. Not kidding.. there would be torches and pitch forks.


But, don’t hit your brother with books. Just sayin’


It is the summer of my dog/cat ate, chewed, slobbered or peed on my book! I swear it was them. I honestly didn’t walk into the department chewing on it myself. You didn’t see that.



 Did you sing that in your head? Cause if you did then we would be good friends!

Not in the summer. Trust me, every nice quiet place is occupied!

Happy summer reading! I am off to the ALA Convention in Las Vegas!


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  1. thejedilibrarian

    Mine is the summer of J names. Almost all of my volunteers have names that begin with the letter J.

    Also, your prizes are pure awesome! We only have stuff from Oriental Trading. And the drawing for the teens to win a Kindle DS or gift card, but I like your weekly prizes better than ours.


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