What are your guilty go to books?



Since becoming a librarian I often hear the phrase “You must read all the really good quality books.” There is this expectation that as a Librarian I am supposed to read the good stuff and not the book fluff that the regular masses enjoy. While I do appreciate quality literature, even I need a break to read something fun. Some of my friends love those cheap romances, some love the cliche gossip magazines, and others love weird science fiction. It’s all good!

For the past couple of weeks I have put down my huge stack of review copies and read just for pure entertainment. I have to do that in between book reviews and trying to keep up with what my patrons like. There came a point where reading one more “state award book” was going to make my head explode! Not kidding…. it would be messy.

So what are my guilty pleasure books? I am the science fiction gal. I love to read me some Star Wars, Star Trek, Warehouse 13, mass market paperbacks. I know the characters, most of the story, and I am not having to think about how I am going to review it when I am done. Plus, it is total escapism. I can check my brain at the door and just read for the fun of it. I also love comics. My neighborhood comic guy knows me by name and keeps me stocked up on all my fangirl favorites.

Some of them are total cheese and others are actually pretty awesome. A few of them beat out the state award books in my opinion as having a better story and plot line. It’s nice to spend some time in a familiar world with favorite characters. This is why fanfiction is so huge. (That is a post for another day)

What are your go to books? How do you check out from the mass reading for work? I would love to see what others read to escape! Remember no shaming because we all need a break at sometime!

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  1. Megan

    I dug out a lot of my mass market Star Wars last month for a review project on my site (rebelibrarian.com), and, man, absolutely nothing smells that good! Those things always excite me, but somehow, maybe because everyone knows Star Wars is such a huge part of my identity, I’ve never felt like they were guilty pleasure.

    The first time I ever described books as “guilty pleasure,” it was reading The Chronicles of Amber. I read all ten books in a matter of weeks and felt like I had mainlined a bag of Reese mini cups — and I didn’t want to stop. I don’t know what it is about these slim 1970s fantasy-sci-opera books, but they definitely feel like “guilty pleasure” to me. . . . heavy on the pleasure.


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