A disturbance in the library force

What happens when you release a Garrison of Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, a Jawa, Wicket the Ewok, a Sith Lord, and Pre Vizsla into your library? An epic amount of fun from a galaxy far far away! Last weekend we celebrated Star Wars day at our main Branch. See orginal post: here

The members of the group asked if it would be okay to roam around the branch and interact with the patrons. Of course I said okay! What happened next made for some extra special pictures and lots of laughs. Nearly every patron that came in that day stopped and either took pictures with the troop or laughed at all the antics. It by far was our most successful program to date with over 90 participants. Enjoy the photos!

Darth Vader needs to work on his customer service skills!!

IMG_2963 IMG_2966 IMG_2969


The Troopers had some fun in the teen section. Beautiful Creatures was the choice of the Scout Trooper!

IMG_2938 IMG_2939 IMG_2940 IMG_2941 IMG_2942


Finally, the Scout Trooper decided to go for a ride on our big library turtle!



One last picture! One of the Troopers was kind enough to let a crazy fan girl try on his helmet! It was the best day ever!!



May the force be with you!!



  1. thejedilibrarian

    I love that the scout trooper picked up Beautiful Creatures.


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