May the 4th- Adventures in the library

Today I got to help out on my first multi-age program. Our Teen Librarian and I put together a May the Fourth program for Star Wars Day. Since I have been binge watching the Clone Wars series I was excited to help out. This was the first time that our branch has planned a Star Wars program and we had no idea how popular it would be. We had a huge turnout and it looks like we will be doing this again very soon. By far this was one of the top 3 coolest programs that I have helped put together. I came as my favorite Padawan Ahsoka Tano. I wish I had had the time to make a more complex costume but this worked out pretty well. Here I am with the cutest Captain Rex ever. This kid was so excited that I knew who he was. If you could see his face under the helmet you would see a mile wide grin!


Our original idea was more teen based. However, we decided to open it up to children and teens. Star Wars has such a huge fan base and we knew all the little guys would want to attend. Here is a list of activities that we provided:

IMG_2934Lightsaber training– Using pool noodle lightsabers (click here for instructions to make your own), a bubble machine, and balloons kids tested their lightsaber skills. Some kids were happy to bat around the balloons and bubbles while others were content to beat on each other for the duration of the program! FYI- These are soft and hold together really well. They have survived multiple programs and I highly recommend having a set.


Blaster Gallery– Print off pictures of Star Wars baddies on card stock and make stand up tags for the backs. Line them up on a table or boxes and let the kids shoot them down with Nerf guns. Everyone seemed to enjoy this one and Garrison 66 even got in on the fun.

Origami Yoda and Fortune Wookies– Using directions from the official site here, print off some Origami Yoda instructions and fortune Wookies for kids to fold and make. Here is the link for the Fortune Wookie.

Mini Lightsabers– Get a box of mini glow sticks at Wal Mart or the Dollar store. Use a small piece of silver duct tape and black electrical tape to make a handle. From the creative mind of our Teen Librarian!!

Test your Fan Knowledge– We had several pages of different quizzes that kids could take. One was Padawan level and the others were Jedi Master level. I don’t have a link to our printouts. If you are interested I would be happy to share. We were going to use these to give away prizes but since we had so many people come it was impossible.

Match the Actor with the character– I printed off pictures of the Actors and the Character that they played and kids could match them up. It was really fun watching the adults argue over who was who! Most of the people who tried it did a great job. I found the pictures here and here.

Variety tables– We also had themed puzzles, card games, mazes, cross words and other things for people to enjoy.

Slide show– We used our huge auditorium and put up a Star Wars fact show. It had music but our speakers were not working. Fail!!


Here is the best part: The local 501st Legion came from Garrison 66! Kids they were amazing! I am not going to lie, when they came out in costume before we opened the doors I had a huge fangirl moment. There may have been some some excited squeals and I did jump up and down… a lot. It was the coolest thing ever!


A huge thank you to the Gents and Ladies of Garrison 66 that made this day the best ever!! Stay tuned tomorrow when I show you what happens when you turn Stormtroopers loose in the library!

May the Fourth be with you!



  1. kendallashley0128

    I love that! Such a fun idea!


  2. thejedilibrarian

    Looks like a great event! I just got hired and am waiting to start a Teen position so I didn’t get to do a May the Fourth event this year. I was able to briefly attend one at my City library where I did my fieldwork, but then had to leave to get ready for my reception job. I can’t wait to do a Star Wars Reads day event in the Fall, or work in Star Wars someway for the SRP, Spark Something would be perfect for SW.


    • MsVal313

      Congrats on the job!!! Look around in your area for a local 501st division. They will come dressed up in Star Wars costumes for free!!!! Star Wars is such a fun world to program in.


      • thejedilibrarian

        Thanks! I think they have a garrison in Tampa, which isn’t far. And I know someone in the Rebel Legion near Orlando. I’m also in the Jedi Assembly costume group, so that helps. It’s a fun way, I can’t wait!


      • MsVal313

        That is so cool!! How did you get started? I really want to join the group that came and the Rebel group. I am just trying to figure out characters and costuming!


      • thejedilibrarian

        Well, my mom has always made costumes. She made me Belle, Jasmine, Ariel, Tinker Bell, Princess Leia, Cleopatra, and others growing up. When I heard Celebration was going to be in Orlando in 2010 we decided I needed a new costume. I had received The Ultimate Guide to the Force for my birthday that year and there was a picture of Jocasta and of Tionne Solusar, another Jedi Librarian, and I was applying to library school at the time, so I naturally decided I had to have a Jedi Librarian costume. My avatar pic was taken at CV. I had to make a lightsaber hilt though before I was accepted, and that didn’t happen until right before CVI. My neighbor had the proper power tools and helped me. I want to do the Duchess Satine next to join the Rebel Legion, since my Padme is quite up to there standards it seems and they won’t accept my Jocasta/Tionne becasue there is only one reference image of Tionne it the outfit and it’s from the waist up. My embroidery is accurate, but it’s not 100% screen accurate. They are very picky.


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