V is for Villain- Book review

V Is For Villain – By Peter Moore


Release date: May 20th, 2014

Sick of Superheros and their too tight costumes and perfect smiles? Done with the constant media about foes vanquished and helpless damsels saved? Wanting more than latex and brawn? Then you should try “V is for Villain” by Peter Moore.

Brad is a junior at the prestigious superhero school where physical superpower is valued above everything else. His problem? He has no powers whatsoever other than super intelligence. Not only that his older brother is none other than Blake the most famous super hero there is (and don’t you ever forget it). After a nasty accident and some family interference, Brad is transferred to the alternative program. There he meets a group of anti-superhero misfits who want to change societies perception of all things hero, even if it means becoming villains themselves.

Brad is caught in a high stakes game of what is right and what wrong as he decides which side is really on, what it means to be a hero, and if being a villain is truly as evil as everyone says.

If you have ever watched a superhero movie and felt sorry for the villains demise then this is the book for you. This is a fascinating glimpse into the life of hero’s vs. villains that explores what we really value as human beings. I loved that topics like excessive force and self-defense verses aggression are explored. This is a great book that can open a discussion about bullying and privilege.

Brad is a great character and has a strong voice throughout the book. The main characters are well-developed with Blake being the perfect self-absorbed, smug, superhero and Layla taking the role as the dark philosophical love interest. The rest of the team is a mix of outcasts that were likable but not as much as the main characters. I loved that he made them all seem like kids playing dress up who bailed when things actually start getting rough.

The revelations totally took me by surprise and blew my mind! The only slightly predictable part was with the brothers and their respective superpowers. While I saw it coming, it wasn’t a complete let down for me. I had pretty high expectations reading this title and I felt that author met most of them which is a huge bonus in my book. This book will resound with readers who love comics and are fans of the major hero movies. It’s fast paced, philosophical, action filled, and funny. A logical purchase for our library!

* I received this copy from the publisher through Netgalley for review purposes only. All comments and thoughts are mine.

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