The Falconer by Elizabeth May- A Book Review


If you are looking for a mixed genre book with dramatic fight scenes, evil faeries, steampunk, fantasy, and aristocratic romance then this is the book for you. Aileana is a Aristocratic young lady who is expected to be proper and uphold her family name. Instead she is a murderer, a liar, and hates propriety. The only thing on her mind is vengeance for the brutal death of her Mother by the hands of an evil Faery. She is also a Falconer. The last in the line of female warriors sent to destroy the fae. That doesn’t matter to her father who demands that she marry. Who cares about marriage when the fate of the world rests on your shoulder?

The Falconer is the beginning of a fast paced series that honestly exceeded my expectations.

As a Youth Librarian my brain has been saturated with paranormal and fantasy titles. I am often hesitant to pick them up because I know I will see the same themes over and over again. That being said I have not read the books that this title is compared with so I cannot say if there are strong parallels. (Compared Title- Faefever by Karen Marie Moning)

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I honestly picked it up because it is set in Scotland and mentions many places I have visited when I went for class. I also was intrigued by the mixed genres. Surprisingly they all worked most of the time. I was disappointed in the steampunk element. It was not featured heavily and it seemed almost like an afterthought. It’s a squint or you’ll miss it kinda thing during most of the story.

The world building is great and holy crow there are some amazing fight scenes. Aileana is a complex character that is written with depth and care. I am so sick of flippy little characters that are constantly switching personalities. That is bad editing! Choose a personality and stick with it! She stays kick butt throughout the whole book. I am hoping that the secondary characters are fleshed out a bit more in the next two books.

Be prepared it does in with a major cliff hanger. Also, if your teens are sick of trilogies they will likely roll their eyes at yet another one. However, if they like fantasy, steampunk, strong female characters and kick butt action they will enjoy this new series by a very promising new author. I for one cannot wait for the sequel!

*review will be updated when the book is released in May

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