Monster on the hill- Graphic Novel review


In the 1860’s, every town in England has their very own terrifying monster. While most would think that this is a bad thing .. trust me it’s not. The townsfolk love having their very own monster to terrify and scare them. Not only is it fun, it adds some sweet tourist dollars to the city coffers.

Yet in Stoker-on-Avon their Monster is well.. lacking. Rayburn is a boring and sad monster that can’t quite get anything right. He stays in his cave and mopes all day long. It is up to Dr. Wilke and Thomas the street urchin to get him back on track.

Can they do it in time? Will the town be destroyed by and even worse menace? Will Rayburn ever get a grip?

I LOVED this book! It was filled with snarky British humor and a depressed mopey monster with an attitude problem. The artwork is bright and quirky and the tale is filled with humor and a bit of fright.

There are plenty of epic battles and moments of laugh out loud humor for the little monsters in your world. The kids and adults have really enjoyed this book since it was added to the collection.

Age level: 6 and up

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