Book Review- Of Poseidon


Of Poseidon- By Anna Banks

This is my first YA mermaid tale that I have braved this year. Merfolk are the new hot genre in the teen sector and so far most have been hit or miss. I wanted to like this book. The cover is beautiful and relevant to the the story. I was excited to read it because it was told from two perspectives. It promised humor, romance and a little bit of mystery. Unfortunately it did not live up to many of its promises. 

Galen is the Prince of Syrena. He spends his days monitoring the human world so that he can be prepared for anything. Emma is a Senior in high school who is clumsy and shy. A chance meeting and a tragic accident brings these two characters together in what should have been a wonderful story.

The Good-
I liked Emma. She wasn’t too overly flawed and I think that many teens could relate to her well. Much of her dialog is fairly witty and she is written in 1st perspective. Her part of the story has a good flow and is easy to follow. She is a bit of a love-struck fool at times but who isn’t when confronted with a handsome guy at 18?

The premise of the story is rather promising. I liked that the author used some traditional mythology with Trident and Poseidon. It created a new perspective on the whole story of Atlantis.

There are some laugh out loud moments and some intrigue. Just not enough for me to rave about it.

The Bad-
While Emma is written in 1st perspective, Galen is written in 3rd. It completely threw me off and drove me nuts. It was horribly distracting to the story and his chapters felt stilted and forced. I don’t know if the author was trying to give him a more lofty perspective or to really drive home the differences between Galen and Emma. To me it really didn’t work.

Galen is also your typical YA lover boy with the “OMG he is to die for” good looks. He also tends to be a possessive and entitled creep through most of the text. I tried to chalk it up to the whole prince and merman thing but still.. enough is enough with the controlling male love interests.

I found it odd that while Emma has to hold her breath underwater, she can still talk. Really?? How does that work?

If you can get past the weird dialog and possessive romance it is okay. I can see some of my teen female readers enjoying this one and few others that will hate it because of the 3 person perspective. I doubt many of the teen boys will enjoy this one since it is very romance heavy. It is also not one I would have chosen for Gateway.

I would recommend this one for teens looking for fantasy romance that is different than the traditional Princess tale and for teens that enjoy Poseidon and Atlantis mythology.

This book is on the Missouri Gateway Reader Award nominee list for 2014-2015

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