Book Review- Privateer’s Apprentice

Privateer’s Apprentice- Susan Verrico

Thirteen year old Jameson Cooper is left alone when his parents die from a horrible illness. The son of a well known Printer, Jameson’s dreams are over and he is left to live on the street. During an unfortunate encounter with the baker he is accused of stealing and sent to prison. Before he can start working off his crimes he is kidnapped by the infamous Attack Jack and taken to sea. There he learns how to keep a secret and stay alive on the dangerous waters.

This book reminds me of Treasure Island and Bloody Jack with the high adventure aspect of the story. The day to day life of the crew is interesting and realistic. Jameson has both friends and enemies aboard the ship and has to grow up fairly quickly. However, he does a fair share of complaining which took away from some of the story. The plot is a bit hazy and I am not sure what the author was trying to achieve. There is a building conflict between a few characters that really doesn’t go anywhere either.

Other than that it is a fun book with a little bit of adventure to keep the pages turning. I would recommend it to children and teens that are fans of Treasure Island or sea adventure stories. Unfortunately for me it was a bit forgettable.

This book is on the Missouri Mark Twain Nominee list for 2014-2015.

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