DIY-Easy Ribbon Bookmarks


Since everyone is under an Arctic Freeze this week I thought an easy DIY post was in order. Ribbon bookmarks are pretty and fun to make. They only require a few items to put together and are a great way to use ribbon scraps. There are several ways to make them. It depends on the ribbon that you choose. The fancy ribbon in the picture has a loosely woven back that would snag on the pages. Because of this I doubled it up and glued it together. Grosgrain ribbon will not require this. I only doubled it up to make it a bit stronger. Instead of glue you could also sew the sides together. Today I will show you how to make them using glue.

Here is what you need:













Step 1– Glue the ribbon together. The fabric glue says it takes 2 hours to dry fully. You can still complete the other steps while it dries.











Step 2– Add the ribbon clamp to the cut ends of the ribbon. If you are adding charms you will need a clamp with a loop at the end. You can also add a plain clamp to the other end.










Step 3– Use jump rings and pliers to attach charms to the end of the bookmark. I also added some beads that matched the ribbon. After this is done let your ribbon dry and then enjoy! I put my ribbon under a stack of books to make sure it dried flat. Next time I will sew the ribbon together.













I thought my King Arthur bookmark worked well with Jane Yolen’s book. I made another bookmark using blue ribbon, a fairy charm, and a mini Peter Pan book.



There you go! Three easy steps and only a few supplies gives you a beautiful bookmark. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy reading and stay warm!

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