Geek heaven

I have started my new job this week at the public library. It has been awesome and a little bit daunting to retain all the new info being thrown my way. Thankfully, I am surrounded by some of the coolest people on earth. Within the first two hours of my first day we had discussed the following fandoms: Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Firefly, Doctor Who, and several comic book heroes. From that moment on I knew I was in Geek heaven! There is even talk of maybe having a Comic Con next year for Teens… (be still my nerdy heart)

I was able to rescue some of my artwork from the school library. Yoda came with me, along with the giant princess and Rex the dinosaur. They now live in the storage closet with all the other cool stuff I will get to use eventually. I don’t have a huge display case at this job so I can lay off the  giant sized creations. A tiny bit of me is relieved. It is a lot of work! Kudos to those of you out there that build things like that year after year. You have way more skill and patience than I will ever have.

Origami Yoda is a rock star!

The best part of this job so far is that my little patrons from the schools have come to visit me at my new library. One came running through the doors screaming my name. She was so excited to see me and had to come on my very first day. I admit that I got a bit teary eyed. We had a snow day at the school on what would have been my last day so I didn’t get to say goodbye to the kids. Most of them live near the public library and I bet I will see lots of familiar faces.

While it has only been three days but I know this is where I am meant to be. I am learning lots of new concepts and finally getting to use that degree I worked so hard for! Let the Youth Services Library adventure begin!



  1. Jen

    Hugs friend. You are a RockStar Librarian ! They are lucky and blessed to have you for the little ones coming in !!


  2. minavilly

    Woot! The library system I’m applying for a Youth position in does a con every year called Lamecon. It started as an anime con, but has grown to include other fandoms.

    I’m happy for you finding a place you fit in at. That’s every graduate’s dream I think. I can’t wait to see what you do for Star Wars Reads day and what other geeky events you dream up.


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