A 15 min display of turkey talking pop culture crazy..

I think today I made one of my worst library displays ever. I had just taken out all of the Egyptian stuff and realized that I had nothing to put up. Did I mention that I am sick and under the influence of Tylenol Cold and Flu? Yeah, that.. Brain fried. Knowing that I won’t be back to this Library until next Thursday I had to quickly come up with something.

Thus was born… What does the turkey say??

If you have not seen the Youtube sensation “What does the Fox say?” by Ylvis, you  are missing out. I hear the kids singing it in the halls all the time. Thanksgiving is coming up and I needed something fast. I did a  quick search for the lyrics to the original version, used Microsoft Word, scissors, and a stapler to whip up some earworm goodness. I wish I had a picture. Actually I don’t this time.

I may or may not have stolen some turkey artwork from our 3rd grade wing to hang up beside the glorious sign that reads:

Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble.. READ!!!  Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble.. READ!!! That’s what the Turkey says!

When you only have 15 mins and it’s two hours past when you should have gone home you improvise. Thankfully it will only be up for a few days. Next on the list of crazy decor is a full recreation of a page from “Snowy Day” by Ezra Keats. There will be pictures for that one!

What does the fox say?

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