A Book Graveyard display!

photo (9)

It’s a known fact that kids are sometimes hard on library books. We work really hard in our library to teach our students how to properly care for them. Most of them do a great job but now and again there are accidents. Most kids tell me immediately since they know I have a “book hospital” and can fix wear and tear. However, there are some things a book doctor cannot fix. These books go in our Book Graveyard and are used as examples of what not to do with library books.

Last year we just showed the kids the books. This time my Librarian wanted them displayed for the month of October. I have seen some creepy versions online and didn’t want to scare our students! I decided to go with funny poems with a tiny bit of spooky. It took me most of the afternoon to come up with creative rhymes. I made card-stock headstones and layered them with fake cobwebs and fall leaves. I also used some caution tape down the middle.

It was a really great display. I heard lots of students telling me that they would make sure that their books never ended up in the graveyard! Here are some more photos from my phone. (Pardon the crummy lighting) Feel free to steal for your own damaged book graveyard!!

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  1. cleopatralovesbooks

    What a great idea…. love it!


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