Missouri Library Association Annual Conference 2013

This past week I went to the MLA conference in St. Louis. A classmate and I had been chosen to do a poster presentation of our class Library trip to Scotland. Megan, who is a creative genius, named our presentation “License to Kilt: 2 Librarian’s Adventures in Scotland”. We created a poster that showed how libraries in the UK were facing some of the same challenges that we are here in the states. We focused  on people, programs, partnerships, promotion, and budgets. We also included pictures of some of our favorite stops with information on each one that related to these  topics. I created an additional flyer to hand out to our visitors that gave more information and featured out websites.

We both decided to dress in the colors of our poster so we could draw more attention. Needless to say it really worked! We had lots of wonderful attendees stop by to hear more about our adventures and how they relate to library issues here in the states. There were lots of compliments on our expert coordination and fashion sense along with the scope of our information. This was a really fun presentation for both of us and we really had a blast working the whole thing out. If you want to see more about our Library tours in the wonderful land of Scotland you can visit our websites:

Megan – http://nosconeunturned.weebly.com/

Valerie – http://www.alibrariansjourney.com/

If you ever have a chance to do a poster session at a Library conference I highly recommend it. This is a wonderful way to connect with others on a more personal level than in a traditional session. I heard so many wonderful stories from other librarians who have traveled the globe and got to network like crazy. I am already thinking of ideas for next year and I hope I get to present again!


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