Roar into reading

I often plot new bulletin boards on my lunch break. Since I don’t work on the same days as my librarian I leave my ideas for her in our super secret library notebook. (it’s really not that secret, it’s just fun to pretend that it is!) She reviews my ideas and leaves post-it comments. I am really lucky that she lets me try pretty much anything I want as long as it’s age appropriate.

We put this display up around the time when they were releasing Jurassic Park in 3-D. Lots of the kids were excited to see the movie which was a total reality check for me. I remember seeing it when it came out for the first time. Talk about feeling really old!

I decided to make a friendly dinosaur so the Kindergarten kids would not freak out. I used one of our drawing books to create the T-Rex. This is my thought sheet and the note from my awesome Librarian.


We ended up running out of time to do volcano book pages before Spring break. I am not overly thrilled with the volcano and I wish I had more time and paper to add some trees. This is what happens when you only work two days a week at one school and one day at another. There is never enough time!! I saved the dinosaur so I can use him again. I highly recommend saving things to use in future displays. Why recreate when you can recycle?!


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