A recipe for a great year!

My librarian and I are avid foodies. We are always sharing good recipes and new places to eat at work. This year we decided to have a theme in the library for “Meet the teacher” night. We were blessed to receive a large donation of funds from our PTA’s book fair last year. It allowed us to add e-books, DVD’s, books, and books on CD to our collection. Our PTA is amazing!

Our theme  is – “A recipe for a great year starts in the library”.

I had only a week to put together a fun display for the cases outside the library. If I had more time I would have added a background to my design to make everything stand out. However, the beginning of the year is always full of meetings so this is what I came up with.

First, I made a Menu board from an idea on Pinterest. I love the look of hand lettering.  It is starting to make a comeback at coffee shops and pretty much everywhere else. I got a piece of black poster board and some Poster Crayons from Crayola to do my book menu. The crayons gave it a pretty good chalk like feel. I clearly need practice on my lettering but the kids won’t care! I apologize for the lighting. That glass is super reflective and right across from our front doors.


Next, I made my chef and painted him with acrylics. Then I printed a ton of food graphics and made some giant recipe cards. I learned at the MLA conference last year that red, black, and yellow are great attention grabbers. We have these monster glass shelves that require two people to move. I am forever in fear of shattering one of those things! This time I turned it into a dining table. I stole some dishes from my cupboard and added lots of books for the “food”.


The chef serving up some good books!


The left side with the table.


The right side with the chef and books. I tried to pick a good variety.


Books are good brain food!

There are a few things I would do different with the recipe cards but for the most part I think it looks great. The kids enjoy it and are asking when they can check out the books in the case! Here is the whole thing..


What do you think?? Anything I can change for next time?



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