Colorful shelf top displays

I like to use lots of color in my displays. It’s great for grabbing the attention of small kids who often judge books by how pretty or cool they look. Grouping books by color is a great way to showcase books that might not get a lot of circulation from just sitting on the shelf. By facing the books out it gives you a bookstore feel and the kids can get a good look at the cover. Color puns add a touch of humor to the groupings.

These are colors and sayings that I came up with: (feel free to steal)

Orange you glad you chose that book!

STOP! Have you Red any good books lately?

Go with a green book today!

These book are mellow yellow!

Check out a grape book!

I had another grouping in blue ( Don’t be blue.. check out a great book!) but I somehow missed taking a picture. Other ideas that you could use might include:

  • Check out the white book for you!
  • These books in black have got your back (adventure books)
  • Pink up a good book at the library!
  • These books in brown won’t let you down!

Our volunteers loved these displays since it made shelving very easy! I also noticed a boost in circulation especially in the fiction section. I rotated the signs from easy to chapter books to get different groupings.  Have any fun color pun ideas? Post them below!

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