Crazy displays- Living models

I spend many a Thursday and Friday crawling around in our schools display case outside the library. We change our displays each month to highlight what our teachers are doing or what is happening in the library world. My last design was a huge paper Princess for the Fantasy genre study going on throughout the school. This time I decided to go with a Superhero theme and have our students color Superhero pages with word bubbles that say what their favorite book is.

I created a large 6 1/2 foot paper city skyline for the background with fluffy blue fog and clouds. Let me just say that putting up a almost seven foot long skyline is not a job for one person! I had to climb into the display case with my trusty stapler and do gymnast moves to get the whole thing up! It was very amusing to the students and teachers on their way to lunch that day.

As I was finishing up my Principal came out to chat and to present a brilliant idea for getting our overdue books down to a more manageable level. She suggested that I dress up as a superhero and hold a sign with a blurb about turning your books in on time. My first thought was “Really, you are okay with letting me get inside a huge breakable case” and second “Why didn’t I think of that!” Cue Super Library Lady!

My first appearance happened after President’s day and an impromptu snow day. Unfortunately 18 of our 19 teachers were at a conference that day so Super Library Lady was tasked with keeping peace in the halls. I was also sick and had no voice. A random search through my box of Halloween costumes produced a red cape and a purple wig. I added my “Eat, Sleep, Read” shirt from a YALSA conference and a paper sign. Tada- Live Model speed bump for all the little kids who like to run in the halls on the way to class!

The reactions from the kids were hilarious! One or two would spot me out of a group and then they all would come to a screeching halt to stare. I did the whole standing super still thing that you see with street performers. Then I would randomly wave which would elicit screams and giggles. Needless to say it was a hit.

Super Library Lady


The next time I got in the case was for Dr. Seuss day. I dressed as the Cat in the hat and sat there reading books as the students walked by. I think out of all the times I was in the case, that was my favorite. Several teachers came by and had their classes pose with me. I had signs with Dr. Seuss trivia hung up and the kids would get thumbs up and silent cheers from me when they got the questions right. I had quite a crowd of students that day! It was a blast. I am lucky to work in a school that allows me to be super wacky and creative. Not many schools would trust someone in a huge and expensive glass case. It’s a lesson in stretching the boundaries of your creative thinking. It was cheap, easy and totally fun!






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