My little bird friends

I am lucky to share my home with 4 little birds. I thought I would introduce my little parakeet friends. We adopted them here and there and each one has a unique personality. I have 3 boys and one very sassy girl. They are usually in the middle of whatever I am doing or filling my reading time with their chirps. We used to have 5 but our favorite little guy Basil, lost his battle with cancer last year. We miss him very much but know that he is in a better place.

Meet the boys:




This is Louie- He is 6 years old and our first parakeet. He likes to sit by the window while I have tea in the morning. He has a lovely song and likes to sit on the cereal boxes on the fridge!

Edgarpoe edgartrek


Next is Edgar Allen Poe- (Yes, after the poet) Edgar often is the subject of funny pictures. He likes to pose on pretty much anything. He is my little trickster because he can shake with his foot and give kisses. He is a very handsome and friendly parakeet and a favorite with friends.

Here is Patches. He is literally scared of everything. We call him the Ninja bird because you can never catch him. He is Edgar’s sidekick and resident crazy bird. I don’t think that we will ever tame him. He reminds us that birds are meant to be wild!

Last but not least is my little butter faced diva Benni. We rescued her from a really nasty pet store. She had a broken leg and they were going to “dispose” of her! After a rather heated conversation with the manager she came home with me. Her break healed up great but she cannot land very well. She scuttles about like a crab all over the house. She loves the Mister and tolerates me which is funny because I am the one that rescued her!

Finally, here is a picture of all the boys (including Basil on the far right). They are my little drops of sunshine and wonderful little pets. Anyone else out there with parakeets??


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