Book review- Star Trek Craft book

Boldly go where no craft book has gone before and make 25 awesome Trek crafts. Angie Petersen has created a fun, easy to follow craft book of all things Star Trek. Crafts are arranged by topic from home decor to wearable art. Each craft gets a Starfleet skill ranking of either Ensign, Captain or Admiral based on difficulty and time required to complete the craft.
Some of the crafts included in the book are:

  • Star Trek: The animated series coasters
  • DIY Tribbles
  • A Spock Monkey
  • Klingon Serving tray

There are so many creative and inventive items in this books to keep even the most experienced crafter busy. One of the best aspects besides the crafts are the personal anecdotes from the contributors, Trek history, and links to find even more crafty goodness later. I highly recommend this book to fans of Star Trek. Even if you only make one or two crafts, the history and photos are well worth the investment.

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  1. bitsofnice

    Love this! So awesome!


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