A mighty Girl- Website review

The most difficult job that I face as an Elementary Librarian is finding appropriate graphic novels for my students. I tend to have better luck with the boys than girls. Most boy characters are dressed appropriately and have fun story lines that appeal to all sorts of attention spans. Finding good comics and graphic novels for my elementary girls has been a chore. My girls want to read about strong confident characters like Batman and Superman. While some love Babymouse and My Little Pony most are over it. They like a variety of subjects and quite frankly it is very hard to meet all their needs while keeping things appropriate and kid friendly.

There are tons of Female Superheros, but almost all of them have super tight and super skimpy costumes. Blech!! Too boob heavy for young girls. Last week I attempted to find a Superhero coloring sheet for my students. The only one I found required me to get out my trusty bottle of whiteout and give her a boob reduction and a skirt! See my point?! It’s not easy. Enter “A Mighty Girl”…

A Mighty Girl is a great reference website for anyone looking for girl related products. Their site is dedicated to the following:

“The world’s largest collection of books, toys and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls.”

Immediately I found their Graphic novel list and was amazed by all the good titles. They list the prices and have links on where to purchase the products. The titles are broken down into topics and ages levels making it super easy to find the perfect title. There are plenty of other products that are great for girls looking for fun clothes and even music. If you are a parent, teacher, or librarian this is an excellent website for you. They have a feature on their blog right now about Mighty Girl Hero’s where they feature an amazing woman from history for Women’s History month. This is definitely a site I will be using in the future.


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