Welcome to my blog


Here lies the musings of a recent library graduate…

Sounds rather ominous right?! I have tried the whole blogging thing in the past and have struggled to maintain interesting posts in a timely manner. Recently I started writing for Geeky KOOL, which is a collaborative website featuring movie, book and product reviews that encompass all things geeky. It was there that I finally found my voice and a reason to write. My posts consist of book reviews and crafty tutorials for the everyday superhero fanatic. It’s a fun gig and it really stretches my imagination. However, my first love will always be in the world of Librarianship.

Here, I hope to branch out and feature book reviews, display ideas, links to awesome people, and other musings that strike my fancy. I currently work as a Library Clerical Assistant  for two schools in Springfield, MO. It is a fun and sometimes challenging job that is teaching more and more about the world of the School Librarian. I am not sure if this is where I will ultimately end up but for now I am enjoying the ride. I am certified in Children’s and Teen which will open the doors to public or private employment in the future.

If you want to learn more about me or my educational journey, check out my portfolio at:





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  1. asktae

    You look great! The bird is awesome and looks like it is hand made.


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